Almost a month ago, Dad received an invitation to go back to Guatemala this August, for the 50 year celebration of the Revival he began back in 1963. Right away he began a bitter-sweet lament; What a great report! Yay, God is faithful! He’s never let His people down!…then…I’m physically unable to travel, I have diabetes to contend with, and we would never be able to afford the cost.
Right away I began to question; why not? you can walk can’t you? what’s wrong with flying? You have an exercise plan, you have a dietary plan, and God doesn’t let us down – we have 3 months to get you ready – LET’S GET STARTED!!

First thing we did was to create a post for facebook and a letter for emails about the upcoming trip. Then dad called Davie to ask him to go too. Turns out Dave and Lorena have been planning a trip to Guatemala to see her family this AUGUST!
So that’s a confirmation, and now some funds are coming in – dad will be getting his passport this week!
Next we (willingly) eliminated ALL foods and sweeteners that have chemicals in them (hallelujah, no more Splenda!!), no processed foods, no genetically modified foods (wheat, flour, corn), no fast foods & sodas. That was more than half the pantry. (I didn’t throw it away, it’s just been separated out for known junk-food junkies :]

It really doesn’t change our daily timelines and I don’t cook any more than I have been, I just read ALL labels.

Within the 3rd week of this, dad noticed his digestion wasn’t bothering him anymore. Then he noticed his bodily functions were not significant to a diabetic, like he’s had to deal with for yeeears. Finally, he noticed he wasn’t going to the bathroom as frequently although he religiously drinks 100oz or more, of water each day.
That was the obvious – it gets better – on Friday, end of the 4th week, dad’s regular medical checkup came around, and the Doc noted right away, dad had dropped 5lbs and his average daily blood sugar count had dropped significantly from 200 to 120!!!
We left there joyful and tearful!

Today, Monday, is a HUGE day for dad – the Doc called to report the other findings in his blood work:
Overall Cholesterol measures from 100-131: dad is at 107
LDL Cholesterol measures from 0-100: dad is at 48
Glucose measures from 70-106: dad is at 84
Thyroid measures from 0.35-5.50: dad is at 1.29

These numbers are a MAJOR improvement over his last readings 4 months ago!! And the Doc’s opinion is, if dad keeps going this way, he might possibly reverse his diabetes. His meds have not been reduced but despite his having to take them, this is working well. In time though…..

Dad has expressed an interest in going back to the Y – he never wanted to go back where he and mom always exercised, but now he is looking forward to getting physically stronger for the trip, but mostly to be safer in his daily surroundings.
In summary, we are focusing on regulating the adrenal gland, the liver, the heart, the thyroid, pituitary and general body substance – fat/muscle. Without these measures, dad would not be able to manage his diabetes while in Guatemala; now he will be able to enjoy the cultural cuisine – tortillas, etc., while adhering to a few minor restrictions. In doing so, he will be able to recover quickly and continue living an almost normal, healthy life!

Live In Full Effect (LIFE)

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