April showers have surely brought the early May flowers. The pear trees are full of white petals that drop, making way for green leaves, the ugliest of weeds are beaming in their temporary beauty; yellow dandelion flowers blend in the front yard beside little purple-flowering weeds. The dogwoods and azaleas are my favorites.

Yes, in the spring everything seems beautiful and full of life. Vigor is in the air – the other day dad decided to empty his bedroom closet of mom’s clothing, shoes, purses, etc. I was not looking forward to that day; I knew it was going to induce visual shock and emotional trauma – for all of us.

We got over it, after he stayed in bed all the next day.

Today, as we were out running errands, we noticed the tulips and lilies have bloomed all over town. Pointing out how lovely they are brought tears of sorrow that mom was not here to give a shout-out to their beauty.

With that going on, I realized again, she’s in a much better place and I cannot begin to imagine the beauty she sees.

But for now on this lovely planet, we are destined to experience the glory of creation while floundering in the bottom-ness of our temporary sadness.

Yes, we have one another, but the lack of companionship is overwhelming.

When you remember dad and me, pray that we learn how to partner with one another as father/daughter, that the thickness of the scars remaining from our pasts, fall away revealing freshness, new life and joy.


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